LED Magnetic Strip Kit

The LED Strip Kit is an energy efficient replacement for existing T12 and T8 strip fixtures and troffers. This kit is designed to distribute uniformed lighting within an aluminum extrusion lighting fixture.


Widely used in factories, offices, workshops, warehouses, logistics centers, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, supermarkets, and any other areas where flood light in needed.

• 80% more energy saving compared with fluorescent lamps.

• Simple shape and creative inspiration in its design.


• Aluminium extrusion housing
• Uniform light distribution
• Easy installation and replacement by magnet 
• High lumen efficiency and high CRI
• Environmentally friendly with no mercury

MAgnetic Strip.png

ZY-10W600 BONS ZY-10W1200 BONS ZY-15W1200 BONS ZY-20W1200 BONS