The LED UFO High Bay is an ideal replacement for metal halide. The thermal management from the fin type aluminum heat sink enables the lumen efficacy to be higher.

Versatility: Multiple voltage input ranging from 100-277V or 480V (available in select wattages) with no special wiring requirements and comes equipped with 0-10V dimming compatibility which allows for use with 0-10V lighting controls such as motion, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors. If dimming is not needed simply do not use the additional dimming wires and leave them capped off.

Excellent Heat Management: The entire body of this fixture is designed to act as a heat sink allowing for excellent air flow over maximum surface area dissipating heat quickly and effectively which maximizes the life span and lumen output.

Savings Beyond The Power Bill: UFO rated 50,000 hour L70 maintenance free life. With this light you will achieve 70% of the initial lumen output up to 50,000 hours. This not only saves you money in utility costs but this also eliminates costly maintenance expenses.

Multiple Mounting Options: The UFO has a ½ inch hole which could allow this fixture to be pendant mounted with the included ring or attached to a threaded rod.

UFO Spec Table.png