LED Magic Tube

The LED Magic Tube serves as a special energy efficient replacement for all traditional fluorescent T8 lamps. Designed to operate on all existing rapid-start, instant-start, programmed-start, and emergency fixture ballasts... or simply no ballast at all.

• Works both with or without a ballast

• Works both with shunted or non-shunted sockets

• Fantastic replacement “plug and play” tube or retrofit kit

• Compatible with over 90% of all North American electronic


• Versatility supports massive projects with different types of


• Suitable for damp or dry environments

• Minimize labor and recycling costs

• Stable lumen output for different ballast brands with

different ballast factors

• UL Type A & B

• Globally patented technology

• 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Magic Tubes Models.png

ZY-T8-10W600 BIXX ZY-T8-15W600 BIXXZY-T8-12W900 BIXXZY-T8-15W900 BIXXZY-T8-12W1200 BIXXZY-T8-15W1200 BIXX ZY-T8-18W1200 BIXX ZY-T8-20W1200 BIXX